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Kaia is a vocal ensemble in Bloomington, Indiana performing world music, jazz, spirituals, and anything else that strikes our fancy. We sing in 25 languages and a wide variety of vocal styles.

We focus on liberating our music in order to connect with each other and with you! From haunting Finnish folksongs to African-American gospel to the music of raucous peasants, we love to explore the many textures of the musical world and the full range of human experience. Our dynamic performance style engages the imagination as we take you on a tour of the world from the raucous to the sublime. We'd love for you to come to our next show—it's too much fun to miss!

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“As if hired to educate primary candidates on foreign policy, there is no corner of the world this band of adopted sisters won't exalt with music. Through body and voice alone, their songs soar in and out of African American spirituals, Eastern European ballads, Hindi chants, and any other song that ever got stuck in the heads of our immigrant ancestors.”
-Ryan Dawes, The Ryder

“The all-female a cappella group, Kaia, wasted no time placing the audience in the palm of their hands...It all added up to a highly entertaining set.”
-Dan Denny, The Herald-Times

“Kaia’s repeated lyric [So Glad I’m Here] served as a mantra for the bands and audiences attending the three-day Lotus World Music and Arts Festival.”
-The Indiana Daily Student

Kaia performances “emanate to the listener that the audience belongs to, and shares in, the group’s collective joy and creativity. Their voices make the air seem as though it is glowing and while the listener travels to and from foreign countries (through song), they’re invited to share in a universal sense of belonging in the world that everyone desires. They select their repertoire to cover a whole spectrum of meaningful music with sensitivity – and good humor too!”
-Sophia Travis, musician extraordinaire

I was completely blown away by the high level of professionalism and performance. I really think they were on par with any traveling Lotus act I have ever seen. They work incredibly hard and it’s just here in our own back yard! Check it out!
-Kid Kazooey, unstoppable music sensation

“Singing a plethora of unique, stylized, and off-the-beaten-path tunes often rooted in omni-culture folklore and spirituality.”
-The Ryder

“Those worldly, yet still local, a cappella sensations”
-The Bloomington Alternative

Having Kaia practice during our reception was an amazing, uplifting, and I would even say, angelic, addition to our happenings. Your beautiful voices coming from the second floor sent chills through me and created such a positive and energetic atmosphere for everyone who encountered your voices. The sun streaming in through the windows, and time and time again, I witnessed this series of events...a person would walk through the doors, hear your voices, pause for a moment, look around in wonderment, eyes lift to the ceiling, develop a huge smile, grab a cookie from us, check out the gallery/look at displays/chat with us/etc., continue smiling. So a very deep thanks for not only adding to the atmosphere of the United Way reception, but also lifting the spirits of everyone who had the pleasure of hearing your loveliness.
-Jenn Hottell

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Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round. See more Kaia videos!

Kaia CDs available in local stores. Pick up a copy of Get Down Rise Up! and Freedom Land at Landlocked Music, Tracks, and TD's CDs & LPs. Support local music and local businesses!

We're global! You can now download individual tracks or whole albums as mp3s from Amazon and iTunes. Just enter the name of the CD in Amazon's or iTunes' search box to gain access to entire albums and downloadable tracks! If you'd like us to make literally 10 times more money while keeping your price the same, buy via the CDBaby interface here!

Wanted: Creative videographers. We would like to get creative, original videos to accompany tracks off our Freedom Land CD. This is a great portfolio opportunity. Contact us if you're interested or know someone who might be!

Go deep with Kaia! Listen to this Artworks interview with Amy and Cairril as they discuss authenticity, mashups, and the relevance of current events to Kaia's work.

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Saturday, 11 April 2015
Tenth anniversary concert party!

7:30 pm
UU church
2220 N Fee Ln
$12/$10 students and seniors - on sale now at BCT box office and the night of the show at the door
Doors open 7:00 pm
It's really been 10 years! Join the party, where we'll perform our most powerful anti-war songs, our bawdiest drinking tunes, our most haunting ballads, our most hilarious social commentary, and our most joyous seasonal celebrations. We will share favorites from the last ten years as well as debut three of our latest pieces, including an arrangement of Ray Charles’ “Mess Around.” Plus we have some surprises up our sleeves! Many thanks to our media sponsor, Bloom, and to our ticket sponsor, Relish! Please support these local treasures!

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A big shout-out to Rhino's for donating our rehearsal space. We love Rhino's! Check 'em out and show the love:

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