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Freedom Land CD cover art

Freedom Land CD
Get it here first, folks—our first studio recording! It features songs in 12 languages with our trademark mix of the raucous to the sublime. Now shipping!

1. So Glad I'm Here Sample
2. Mangwani Mpulele Sample
3. Oi Rano, Na Ivana Sample
4. Hal-An-Tow Sample
5. Gazapkhuli Sample
6. Hodja Sample
7. Las Amarillas Sample
8. The Farmer Sample
9. Arise Sample
10. Freedom Land Sample
11. Lu Lops Sample
12. Kaiababies Sample
13. Pata Pata Sample
14. Marge Sample
15. Ergen Deda Sample
16. The Parting Glass Sample
17. La Canzone Del Pane Sample
18. Not One More Day Sample
19. How Can I Cry? Sample
20. Ale Brider Sample
21. Dubula Sample
22. I Love Everybody Sample

TOTAL: 1 hour of music

$13.00 (includes shipping & handling)


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Get Down, Rise Up! CD cover

Get Down, Rise Up! CD
This hot-selling CD features music from three live performances. See Our Music to learn the stories behind the songs!

1. Mangwani Mpulele Sample
2. Yonda Come Day Sample
3. Khoola Sample
4. Durme, Durme Sample
5. Pastevecke Helokanie Sample
6. Home By Barna Sample
7. Travelers Prayer Sample
8. Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round Sample
9. Bre Petrunko Sample
10. Give Peace A Chance/War Is Over Sample
11. Arise Sample
12. Down By The Riverside Sample
13. Early In The Mornin' Sample
14. Lepi Juro Sample
15. Vahine Taihara Sample
16. Death Came a-Knockin' Sample
17. Olilili Sample
18. First Nations Lament Sample
19. Wood Street Sample
20. Rise In Love Sample
21. I Love Everybody Sample
22. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) Sample
23. Maquerúle Sample
24. The Farmer Sample
25. Everybody Loves My Baby Sample
Bonus Track: Girl From Ipakaia

TOTAL: 1 hour of music

$13.00 (includes shipping & handling)


Kaia Live! 2006 CD

Kaia Live! Spring 2006 CD
Our first CD comes from our Spring 2006 concert and features many favorites. It's worth buying just for I Will and Blood & Gold! See Our Music to learn the stories behind the songs!

1. The Sun Will Never Go Down Sample
2. Hotaru Koi Sample
3. Sarvam Brahman Sample
4. Dosle Jesu, Ivancice Sample
5. Step Back, Baby/Chicka Hanka Sample
6. Od Yavo Shalom Alaynu Sample
7. La Rosa Enflorece Sample
8. Vangeline Sample
9. Blood & Gold Sample
10. Down by the Riverside Sample
11. Mamamerica Sample
12. Hin Hin Haradala Sample
13. Woyaya Sample
14. Erev Shel Shoshanim Sample
15. Let Your Little Light Shine Sample
16. Fhir à Bhata Sample
17. I Will Sample
18. Fatso Sample
19. Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round Sample
20. Bill Grogan’s Goat Sample
21. Everybody Loves My Baby Sample
22. Maids, When You’re Young, Never Wed an Old Man Sample
23. Singabahambayo Sample
Bonus Track: We Are Going Sample

TOTAL: 1 hour of music

$10.00 (includes shipping & handling)


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Kaia Merchandise

Kaia Merchandise
We have a limited number of T-shirts and totes available for purchase. Wear it proud!

Kaia T-shirt back

The Kaia T-shirt
The back (below) features our tagline, “a cappella world music from the raucous to the sublime.” Available in the following sizes:

S (34-36) SOLD OUT!
M (38-40) SOLD OUT!
L (42-44) ONLY 1 LEFT!
XL (46-48) ONLY 8 LEFT!
2XL (50-52) ONLY 1 LEFT!

$10.00 (includes shipping & handling)

Kaia Small Tote Bag

Small Tote Bag—ONLY 1 LEFT!
Handy for carrying life’s necessities!

• 8 oz cotton canvas tote with gusset
• Inside zip pocket
• 10" x 12" x 5"

$8.00 (includes shipping & handling)

Kaia Big-Ass Tote Bag

The Big-Ass Tote—SOLD OUT
Plenty of room for all your gear! We love this one. See it in action below.

• 600-denier polyester tote bag
• 5 inch gussets
• 22" x 15" x 5"

$10.00 (includes shipping & handling)

Big-Ass tote in action